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Our story begins in the land of Wee-Jomboo.

In this land, there is a place filled with wonderful and unexpected happenings, a secret galaxy called Compos Mentis.

A place where all ideas, dreams, and magic live. Compos Mentis is invisible if you don’t know it exists, but everyone who wants to discover this magical land can find it.

In Compos Mentis lived a little ninja named Namaste.

As tiny of a ninja as tiny could be, but as mighty of a ninja as mighty could be. With spiky hair that puffed out from a masked brow and a smile that filled the galaxy with light, Namaste was gentle and kind to all.


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What Other Parents Are Saying

This book is such a blessing to our family. I'm not really a meditation person but my daughter has been having lots of anxiety as of the last year and she is only 6.
- Tracy, CMO Mom
From the minute I got my hands on namaste I’ve been so excited! I’ve worked with kids all my life and most recently been a first grade teacher and I think this book can have a huge impact on kids today.
Hannah, First Grade Teacher & Mom
I believe this book is gold. The way the story unfolds it’s such an easy and cute way to introduce children & parents a way to help relieve mental distress and improve functioning overall.