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Making mindfulness as easy as taking a breath

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Namaste the Ninja book series is designed to empower children and adults to integrate mindfulness practice into their daily life  Using present moment awareness techniques will reduce emotional stress at any age. The more we cultivate our ability to be in the present the happier we will be.

A fun journey of mindfulness and embracing our feelings

Equip Our Minds

Namaste is a creative way to bring mindfulness concepts to kids and reaffirm that inner peace and space is just as important as the external. Think about this book as a software update for our minds in today’s information age.

Why Namaste the Ninja?

Have you ever wished you had a skill that helped you quiet down anxiety and ease depression? With help from our friend Namaste the Ninja, we will learn a skill to help us quiet the chatter in our minds.

Emotional Confidence

Namaste the Ninja supports children and adults in understanding their feelings, removing worry, depression, and anxiety by empowering confidence, heightening their ability to learn, increasing patience, and boosting problem-solving skills.

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What Other Parents Are Saying

This book is such a blessing to our family. I'm not really a meditation person but my daughter has been having lots of anxiety as of the last year and she is only 6.
- Tracy, CMO Mom
From the minute I got my hands on namaste I’ve been so excited! I’ve worked with kids all my life and most recently been a first grade teacher and I think this book can have a huge impact on kids today.
- Hannah, First Grade Teacher & Mom
I believe this book is gold. The way the story unfolds it’s such an easy and cute way to introduce children & parents a way to help relieve mental distress and improve functioning overall.
- Rocio, Aunt of 3 & actress in LA

About the Author

Micah Archibald

“I am here on this planet, at this time, to ignite thoughts and actions that serve the highest self. The only being I can change is me. For the rest of my life I live in service to my highest self, to create maximum impact, influence, and joy for myself, my family, my friends, my community, my world, and my universe. Namaste.”