Each book you purchase will support children process their feelings and empower confidence!


Introduce Your Students to Mindfulness with Namaste the Ninja. An easy way to Support kids in understanding their emotions!

Namaste the Ninja storybook will support children and adults in understanding their feelings, removing worry, depression, and anxiety by empowering confidence, heightening their ability to learn, increasing patience, and boosting problem-solving skills.


Cultivating the skills of mindful breath and present moment awareness will give the reader a tool to understand and see their emotions versus being overwhelmed or defined by them.

From the minute I got my hands on namaste I’ve been so excited! I’ve worked with kids all my life and most recently been a first grade teacher and I think this book can have a huge impact on kids today. The curriculum is easy to follow and breaks the book down into smaller segments for for younger kiddos to follow along. In today’s world, kids should be equipped with the tools needed to navigate day to day life in a positive manner which is just what Namaste teaches. I think students will love the colorful pages as well as the breathing technique they can use immediately. Highly recommend for your home or classroom!
- Hannah, First Grade Teacher & Mom
This book is such a blessing to our family. I'm not really a meditation person but my daughter has been having lots of anxiety as of the last year and she is only 6. The Doctor wanted to put her on some medicine to calm her down but I just felt she was too young to start using medicine like this. We met Micah and she introduced us to her book Namaste the Ninja. My daughter has been practicing, with my husband and me, her breathing and counting her breaths when she starts to feel upset. It's been such a help. She even reminds me to "just breath mommy" when she notices I am upset. I highly recommend Namaste the Ninja to any parents looking for some help navigating emotions with their children.
- Tracy, CMO Mom

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