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Foreword to Namaste The Ninja

Let’s face it, parenting is hard! So many stages of development to go through, so little time to fully master any of them. And what about those pesky things called emotions? How do we tolerate our children’s difficult emotions and help them navigate their feelings effectively?

We often wish children came with directions! When our children are going through difficult emotions, it is often hard to know the best way to validate their feelings yet not exacerbate their anxiety or pain. Frankly, most of us adults don’t quite know how to handle our own difficult emotions when we are in the thick of them, let alone help others with theirs.

A fundamental component in emotion regulation is our ability to be in the present moment. This is called Mindfulness. By keeping our focused attention in the here and now, we are able to not get lost in the past (depression) or worry too much about the future (anxiety). Right! But how do you explain this to a kid? That’s what brings us to this brilliant, remarkable, and all around warm and fuzzy book, Namaste The Ninja, by one of the most compassionate advocates of physical and mental health I have had the pleasure of knowing and calling my friend, Micah Archibald.

In her book, Namaste The Ninja, Micah addresses the topic of mindfulness from a pure perspective that appeals to adults while remaining cognitively accessible to children. Micah approaches the abstract concept of mindfulness from a child-friendly and relatable perspective that makes it tangible for children. She introduces the topic of conscious breathing and masterfully converts it from a mindless, automated, physiological reaction to an intentional activity that teaches children how to be in the here and now. In doing so, Micah provides an opportunity for us to practice being in charge of our emotions, experiencing self-regulation, and feeling empowered.

Micah artfully outlines the key characters of her book, including Mr. Self, Nami, and Noah and teaches us scientific skills of self-observation and self-regulation by building these relationships and roles in Namaste The Ninja.

Micah Archibald is an avid advocate of physical and mental health. She is gentle, caring, kindhearted, and devoted to the noble cause of raising awareness through education for mental and emotional well-being. Here, in this book, Namaste The Ninja, you have the tools to help your children navigate the complex world of emotions.

dr allie selkirk
Dr Allie Selkirk

Foreword ‘Mindfully’ submitted by Allie Selkirk, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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